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“…Foreign Resort makes sweeping, dramatic music that sounds huge, even when they’re singing about the insular world of two lovers, like they do on “She Is Lost.” The song is almost literally lost itself, unmoored from an album that doesn’t have a release date yet. But it sounds great all alone, building around stabbing synths and an incessant drum beat. Singer Mikkel Jacobsen is the master of the gloomy ceremonies, displaying a Robert Smith-like gift for brooding romance.” – Art Levy, KUTX, Austin, TX

“If you’re a fan of dark and beautiful Reagan-era tinged rock, which also has a foot dipped in the here and now of acts like M83 and Savages, The Foreign Resort deserves your attention.” – Smells Like Infinite Sadness

“Combining post-punk vigor with opaque synth-pop, The Foreign Resort yields a vintage sound that stands out from the rest. The result is a deep and multifaceted single to spearhead the release of their next full-length album.” – Buffablog


“These Danish post-punk specialists transform their voluminous influences into an EP that possesses a singular fault: It is not long enough.” – SLUG MAGAZINE

“…it’s their new EP The American Dream that unquestionably takes the listener into “new frontiers” of electronic music infused with ’80s melodies and new wave punk.” – Elmore Magazine

“captivating post punk passion & 80s inspired new wave romanticism – fully charged with radiant guitars and intense vocals” – 50THIRDAND3RD

“Post Punk par excellence.” – DeepGround

“If you only listen to one song today, make it “Under Bright Neon Stars” by The Foreign Resort (2015, from the forthcoming EP The American Dream).” – this is that song

Among the 2015 Top 10 Albums at Billyphobia and 88.1 KDHX, St. Louis DJs Top 10 Albums of 2015


Clank For Breakfast – Ear Candy 2014

Shoegaze Love – TOP 10 SHOEGAZE RELEASES OF 2014

Platten Vor Gericht – Endstand 2014

WZBC 90.3FM Boston, Flyweight Top 25 of 2014

88.1 KDHX St. Louis DJs top 10 albums of 2014

The Reverb, ICR 105.7FM Ipswich – The best Of 2014

Lunaland Daydream Best of 2014

Aarhus Panorama – Best of 2014 (Danish only)

“They’ve nailed the dramatic yet danceable sound that has powered alternative radio stations’ Saturday night playlists for years.” (7.8/10) – Surviving the Golden Age

“…this Danish trio are more than capable of also delivering fizzing Post Punk (‘New Frontiers’), feedback drenched noise pop (the well named ‘Dark White’) and some dreamy, melancholic semi-ballads ( ‘Dead Leaves’, ‘Quiet Again’). All of these different elements combine together to give The Foreign Resort a contemporary identity all of their own…” – Echoes and Dust

“New Frontiers leaves no room for harsh critique for it is, in a word, flawless. Simultaneously current, fresh and vibrant while wrapping the listener in a fine mist of yesteryear”. – Gothic Beauty Magazine

“…absolutely epic, intense sounding with huge sounding drums, incredible, almost overpowering guitars.  Check out The Foreign Resort if you dig stuff like Nine Inch Nails, Interpol, Editors, or Placebo.” – The Revue

“…the most effective new wave this side of the oughts.”- Sounds Better With Reverb

“The songs don’t give away all their secrets at once, but when they finally do, you’ll be astounded by their intricacy and devastating honesty.” – Listening Post: Four records you should hear this week

“Personally, the album is some of the best Danish music I have ever heard.” (5/5) – Bands of Tomorrow

“The Foreign Resort is here with this wall of sound created by those loud Shoegaze guitars, refined New Wave Post Punk, and electronic intensity. This is a perfectly paced record, and it’s irresistible.” – This is Gothic Rock

“..the feeling of listening to a thoughtful, consistent and coherent album, is one of New Frontiers’ major strengths.”
(5/6) – GF Rock

“…it is “Flushed”, which for me is the album’s clear highlight. It simply has everything: The good, recognizable, yet surprisingly structure (both in relation to melody and structure), evil synth bass, tearing guitars and epic ups and downs.” (4.5/6) – Undertoner

“…the album is completely convincing from start to finish.” – Rock Impressions

“It’s very, very easy to fall in love with this passionate journey.” – Clank For Breakfast

“With „New Frontiers” The Foreign Resort delivered a well-thought, complete album.” – Good Because Danish

“New Frontiers ” is a cross-cutting work that plunges into the blood stream…” – Son of Flies

ALONE – Single (2014)

“Bringing a classic simplicity to jangly guitars and a scorned vocal with their blend of indie rock n roll, The Foreign Resort are recommended if you’re a fan New Wave artists like The Cure or New Order.” – Featured Video of the Week at Seismic-Sound

Video of the Week at High Voltage Magazine

Single Chart Top 10 at Bands of Tomorrow

DEAD END ROADS – Single (2013)

The first single from the 2014 album “New Frontiers” was featured on Under The Radar Magazine‘s digital sampler November/December 2013 and was Video Of The Week at Lydtapet.

“…sounds like the intro to a TV-show I could spend all weekend watching.” – Wonders Make Joy

SCATTERED & BURIED (2012 / 2013)

“It’s an amazing album, which puts The Foreign Resort firmly on the radar, hailing them as the most exciting band to come out of Denmark since The Raveonettes.” – Louder Than War

“This is one of the finest and most well-balanced bands in the Post Punk scene of today.” – This Is Gothic Rock

“If you have never experienced The Foreign Resort before, would I recommend Scattered & Buried? Hell yes I would!” – Coma Music Magazine

“…a wildly enjoyable set of tunes, from the fragile beauty of “Rocky Mountains” to the club-friendly synths of “Tide.” The remixes make the release even better. Highly recommended.” – Independent Clauses

“…super efficiently produced songs with the soul deeply rooted in the bleak post-punk, as it sounded in its heyday…brilliantly transforming the 80s sound into a modern framework…” –

“A dark gray autumn storm of noisy shoegazer guitar, tuned down bass, atmospheric synths and Mikkel Borbjerg Jakobsen’s vocals with emotions nervously outside the garment” – Soundvenue

“Jakobsen’s remarkable vocals run like a golden thread through a menu that manages to seduce with regard to variety and emotive moments (…) Once more, The Foreign Resort serve a classy cocktail.” (8/10) – Clank For Breakfast

“The Foreign Resort are perfecting their joy of experimentation and fine feeling for dark melodies.” –

“An absolutely recommendable and consistently successful mix of post-punk and alternative for fans of bands like Interpol, The Cure or Editors.” – Schallgrenzen

“For a listener with the right hifi system there is full value for the money. You simply get blown away.” (4/6) – Gaffa Magazine

“You should be proud of yourselves and your music, because you’ve done a heck of a great job on this album and it’s surely in the top as one of the best releases 2012 had to offer.” – Invisible Guy

“…excellent new material, it’s nice to see the band continue to build on great styles that we really enjoy here…”
Gothic Paradise

“A tropical storm is imminent over the resort but the foundation is rock solid for you to enjoy the view without everything collapsing under your feet.” – GF Rock

“a pure and innocent sadness, flowing out in a great melodic guitar and vocals” – Reflections Of Darkness

“Hut ab vor dem, was da aus dem Norden kommt: Ein Album das die Vergangenheit ehrt, sich der Zukunft aber nicht verwehrt!” (9/10) – Sparkling Photos

“Die Dänen machen einfach bezaubernde Musik, die sich eben auch auf dem neuesten Werk Scattered & Buried wiederfindet, und die meines Erachtens nach noch viele Herzen echter Musikfans berühren dürfte. – Nightshade

“Bass, Schlagzeug, eine kräftige Gesangsstimme, schrammelnde Gitarren, lauteres Feedback und sanfte Melodiefragmente gehen eine wahnwitzige, aber funktionierende Allianz ein” (5/6) – Bodystyler ► ElectroZine

“Mit „Scattered & Buried“ gibt es für Gitarrenfreaks, die auch ohne Großstadtpop klarkommen und lieber auf ihre frisch polierten Schuhe beim Tanzen glotzen, viel zu entdecken.” (8/10) –

Scattered & Buried was also among the runners up for Rock Album Of The Year in the Danish magazine Gaffa.


“a cold-blooded, solid and brutal crowbar of an EP that really should open doors for The Foreign Resort. They will surely grow big…” (5/6) –

“…this CD is a good reason to finally throw the Editors albums in the trash”. – Dark Star Hannover

“there’s some really good, loud stuff here that nu gaze fans of M83 and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart should enjoy.“ – Consequence of Sound

“This is a too-short five song EP from these Denmark dynamos, it’s Swervedriving shoegazed Britpop with a nice goth edge. This band is epic! Remnants of Killing Joke and Joy Division lay in their wake as they pick up random sonic body parts left by bands ranging from The White Lies to U2…The slower movements, especially on “Heart Breaks Down,” are sparse, cold, and emotional, earth wrenching enough to make Ian Curtis smile. And then it explodes back into a rave down sound, speeding across new waved highways with vengeance” – The Big Takeover

“All five tracks are vibrant and each with their own feel but one thing they all have in common is that they grab you by the proverbials right from the opening bars of ‘Colleen’ and don’t let go all the way to the end of ‘Torch It’. ‘Orange Glow’ deserves a special mention for its dark hard hitting atmospheric edginess.” –

“Fans of driving, guitar-laiden music with a slight 80’s new wave and post-punk feel will love this band and especially this EP, go pick it up!” – Gothic Paradise

OFFSHORE (2009 / 2010)

“The Foreign Resort has with great international sound carefully measured the balance between the high waving and the fragile.” (4/6) – Gaffa Magazine

“A debuting Danish band, entering the Danish rock scene with such power that one gets blown backwards… Expressively, well done, meaningful and spell-binding.” –

“We strongly recommend listening to this record. Missing it would really be a crime.” – The Ship