A TFR Fan Story – Thank you!

You all know that your support means everything to us. And we’re not just talking about making us feel great, although your support also makes us feel really great!

When you buy a ticket to one of our shows or buy a CD, a record or a t-shirt it enables us to play more shows, record more music and release more albums. Last year’s successful crowdfunding campaign showed us that we have the most amazing fans out there that want to help us keep touring and releasing music – and we are so grateful for that!

Touring in support of “The American Dream” in 2015 and 2016 we met many of you and were overwhelmed by your support and enthusiasm. We had a Canadian fan who flew in and joined us on the first leg of our October 2015 US tour, in March 2016, when we played in Los Angeles, a family from San Francisco flew in to see our show and in April when we played in Munich a couple from Leipzig traveled for six hours to come meet us. This happens again and again and we are so grateful and overwhelmed by this enthusiasm. Especially coming from a tiny country where driving for 4 hours in one direction gets you to our little nation’s border. And let’s not forget the rest of you who come out to our shows when we come to your home town. We appreciate that so much!

When we had a show cancelled in Zurich the couple from Leipzig, who met us in Munich, stepped in and arranged a last minute show for us this Friday June 3rd at Helheim in Leipzig as part of this weekend’s 3-day tour of Germany and Switzerland. Once again your support makes great things happen for us!

So this little story is our way of saying THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH & VIELEN, VIELEN DANK to all of you!

You help us do what we love! We will see you again when we come to your city!

Leipzig Fans